Help To Buy Scheme

Oil on canvas. The colours are a bit richer than they appear here. It’s inspired by a vintage photograph of a young laundress sleeping in the street. She has half an eye open to protect her livelihood: a mobile laundry wringer kept close by her makeshift bed.


The Help To Buy Scheme. 24″ x 36″ (62cm x 91cm)

For enquiries, please contact my gallery, SERENA MORTON

Nude in a Leaf Bikini

Great news. My debut show will be held in London during the month of June, at the new Serena Morton space at Canalside, Ladbroke Grove W11. There’s lots of preparation going on. Here to celebrate, is a charcoal I did at Lavender Hill atelier school a while back, with a leaf bikini and russet background added this evening on the computer. (Print)

Big Nude in a Leaf Bikini - charcoal with computer paint

Four Lemons : Wallpaper Mark 4

Here’s another sketch of my cat Lemon. I’ve quadrupled it manually (rather than using tiling tools) to make Four Lemons to a wallpaper pattern (for the house). I posted the previous 3 version on Twitter just for fun. It was inspired by Damien Hirst’s butterfly wallpaper. (Print)

Four Lemon Cats

Rhapsody in Blue

I’m back from a family holiday in the mountains. The view of the sun rising behind a crown of snowy peaks, has embedded itself like a smile inside me.

This face is one of the things that I painted on my return to London. I used a digital pen on a bamboo tablet plugged into the side of my computer. (Print, edition of 10)

Blue Face 2

Self Portrait May II

I found an old transparency, a photograph taken on a shoot in Paris a long time ago. It is one of a series but is a reject that had never been made into a print. Sometimes old photographs throw up strange emotions. My memory of this day is strange, not really very pleasant.

So I scanned it and altered it, adding digital paint and plenty of leaves to the hair. It did the trick. Now I’m really delighted when I look at it. Paint can change the past.
(Print, either on paper or Lightbox. Limited edition of 10)

Self Portrait II May 2010 Jenny Caron Hall

Materia Medica II

Part of an ongoing digital painting called Materia Medica. This is a packet of dried Marigold flowers. (Print)

Marigold was named by Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy, ‘Calendula officinalis’. The flowers can be made into a tea that’s exceptionally good for the eyesight. Quite miraculous. Marigold contains Lutein.

Marigold-Materia Medica

I painted this with Pixelmator on my laptop, using a trackpad as paintbrush. Difficult, but not a painful as painting the Parsley (see below).