Portrait of Sir Peter Hall

(My father). Last night we were at a gala to celebrate 48 plays directed by him, for the Theatre Royal Bath over the years. The celebrations included the unveiling of a portrait of him which they commissioned me to paint, as a surprise – EG he did not sit for it, and got quite a shock when he pulled the curtain cord to unveil it. So now it hangs in the foyer of this beautiful theatre, alongside theatre paintings from the great Somerset Maugham collection.

I painted in some clues: he’s holding his book about verse speaking;  ‘Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players’ and behind him is a distinctive grey concrete wall, which students of Denys Lasdun’s architecture may recognise.
Oil on canvas.

my painting hanging in the foyer, Theatre Royal Bath

Official photos have now come through – here’s a rather better shot taken by Anna Cardy (added May 31)

Portrait of Sir Peter Hall by Artist Jenny Hall

Remembrance Poppy

There are some years when Remembrance Sunday passes without very much impact; we buy a poppy, we give somber thanks and it’s gone. This year it seems a terrible, too sad and all too acute remembrance, with so many brave, young lives lost. All that potential, given and gone. All that blood. Here is my small tribute, a digital painting, my ‘wreath’ to all the brave soldiers who died for us. And those so recently gone. RIP
(Print. Limited edition of 3)