Archaeology Sardinia

A painting done on my iPad- based on a vintage photograph of archaeologists in Sardinia, taken in 1954. Note the genders, the sunny sky and the large menhir they’re leaning on.

Ercole Contu is on the right. To the left are archaeologists Maria Teresa Amorelli, Tea Coco, Massimo Pallottino, Gennaro Pesce and Giovanni Lilliu. The team are excavating at Mount Accoddi near Sassari. The temple complex there is the only known example in the Medditerranian basin of a Mesopotamian style ziggurat, or possibly step-pyramid, and dates to 3500-4000 BC.

A Magna Carta 800

The Magna Carta was signed by King John at Runnymede, on 15th June 1215. Today being the 15th January, I’m five months early for the 800th anniversary. That’s because I’m also celebrating the impact of the Magna Carta on America, where it became an icon of Liberty under Law, and the basis for the Constitution.

The Magna Carta is a uniquely important document, enshrining Free Speech and ‘Habeas Corpus’ in law.  This print, “My Magna Carta 800”, is my homage to the ‘Great Charter’. It’s based on an oil painting I did last year.

Help To Buy Scheme

Oil on canvas. The colours are a bit richer than they appear here. It’s inspired by a vintage photograph of a young laundress sleeping in the street. She has half an eye open to protect her livelihood: a mobile laundry wringer kept close by her makeshift bed.


The Help To Buy Scheme. 24″ x 36″ (62cm x 91cm)

For enquiries, please contact my gallery, SERENA MORTON


Painting, oil on canvas, of Lakshmi.
She is the Hindu Goddess of material and spiritual prosperity, good fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. It is customary to pay her homage particularly in the month of October. Mahalakshmi is the mother of the universe. She is often seen with an elephant and swans and stands on a lotus flower, symbol of beauty and calm non-attachment.


Nude in a Leaf Bikini

Great news. My debut show will be held in London during the month of June, at the new Serena Morton space at Canalside, Ladbroke Grove W11. There’s lots of preparation going on. Here to celebrate, is a charcoal I did at Lavender Hill atelier school a while back, with a leaf bikini and russet background added this evening on the computer. (Print)

Big Nude in a Leaf Bikini - charcoal with computer paint