Jennifer Caron Hall

There seems to be some confusion so for the record this is me, Jennifer Caron Hall also known as Jenny Hall daughter of Sir Peter Hall and Leslie Caron, sister of Christopher Hall and half sister of Edward Hall, Lucy Hall, Rebecca Hall and Emma Hall. 

I am not American I’m anglo- french.


A red poncho

Here’s a sneak peak at a prototype poncho in corded red mercerised cotton. It hangs beautifully because there’s a satisying weight to it. It will be a very special garment, for day or evening. A little bit of edging and it will be complete.

What is luxury? I think it’s something made with great care and love, by hand.

Crochet is one of the oldest art forms, and can be traced back to ‘Nålbinding’.  The oldest known textile fragment of Nålbinding dating from c. 6500 BCE was found in Nehal Hemar cave, Israel. Another from the Ertebølle period c. 4200 BCE was found in ‘Tybrind Vig’, a Mesolithic fishing village in Denmark.


I have been away some time! Exploring something new: the art of Crochet.

I’m incredibly inspired! Particularly by vintage work called Uncinetto, or Croché, traditionally done across Europe, South America and Mexico. I love Filet Crochet, and everything done in cotton particularly in white. Here are some samples in cotton and wool.

White Crown Jewells Square
Popcorn Stitch Square


Red cotton Fan stitch
White cotton Filet Crochet

Green Chair

This iPad picture began as a man on a porch playing guitar in a hat. As I drew, it transformed and morphed and ended as a Parisian lady in a sitting room, under the same hat. The chair has a loose cover made of linen. Like in the film ‘The Yellow Rolls-Royce”, the hat remained the same as the owners changed. It’s like a small domestic story of metamorphosis.