A Magna Carta 800

The Magna Carta was signed by King John at Runnymede, on 15th June 1215. Today being the 15th January, I’m five months early for the 800th anniversary. That’s because I’m also celebrating the impact of the Magna Carta on America, where it became an icon of Liberty under Law, and the basis for the Constitution.

The Magna Carta is a uniquely important document, enshrining Free Speech and ‘Habeas Corpus’ in law.  This print, “My Magna Carta 800”, is my homage to the ‘Great Charter’. It’s based on an oil painting I did last year.

Nude in a Leaf Bikini

Great news. My debut show will be held in London during the month of June, at the new Serena Morton space at Canalside, Ladbroke Grove W11. There’s lots of preparation going on. Here to celebrate, is a charcoal I did at Lavender Hill atelier school a while back, with a leaf bikini and russet background added this evening on the computer. (Print)

Big Nude in a Leaf Bikini - charcoal with computer paint

Remembrance Poppy

There are some years when Remembrance Sunday passes without very much impact; we buy a poppy, we give somber thanks and it’s gone. This year it seems a terrible, too sad and all too acute remembrance, with so many brave, young lives lost. All that potential, given and gone. All that blood. Here is my small tribute, a digital painting, my ‘wreath’ to all the brave soldiers who died for us. And those so recently gone. RIP
(Print. Limited edition of 3)