Blue Biro Gallery is the online gallery of art by Jenny Caron Hall. She began painting for the first time in 2009 on her iPhone. Her pictures are mostly painted digitally, using a pen or her fingers. She also uses oil on canvas, charcoal on paper and other materials.

‘Blue Biro’ is a UK term for the ballpoint pen: an accessible tool that anybody can use. Jenny had a solo exhibition in June 2013 at Serena Morton in Ladbroke Grove London W11. Since 2018 she has been increasingly working in textiles – crochet and hand-weaving under the name JENNY Cloth @jenny_cloth.  

The Tempest National Theatre London Jennifer Hall and Michael Bryant, The Tempest, National Theatre

Since 2018 she has been giving workshops in how to speak Shakespeare’s verse, according to the method her father taught her, and which he set out in his book ‘Shakespeare’s Advice to The Players’. 

She inaugurated the first SHAKE Festival (of Shakespeare ) at The Cut arts centre, Halesworth, Suffolk, in October 2019, with support from East Suffolk council, Benhall Council, The Mackintosh Foundation and several local businesses.

SHAKE Festival plans to continue annually and during Covid, has presented a reading of The Tempest starring Geraldine James and Rebecca Hall, and Sonnets & Carols with Dame Harriet Walter and Dame Janet Suzman.

Jennifer Hall was a singer/songwriter signed to Warner Bros Records in Los Angeles. She was also a freelance journalist writing as Jenny Wilhide on arts-related subjects and trends.

 Twitter:  @JennyCaronHall

Instagram:  @jennycaronhall


8 thoughts on “* ABOUT *

  1. Love the paintings & just stumbled into them by reading up on Ms Hall. The love of my life & I, who unfortunately did not marry (we are friends) were, when it first was released and still are absolutely enamored with, “Fortune & Men’s Eyes.”

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work.


  2. You are still a writer and your art is not from imagination but from life as you have experienced it. Your narrative and choice of what to draw gives insight into your concerns, life and sensitive nature. Your drawings and especially your comments are forming into a diary of Jenny.
    The drawing of the chameleon caught my eye. Your Mother often wears a large pink one on her lapel. For so petite a woman to wear so large an ornament puzzled me, surely there is a story behind it. Your drawing and narrative have shed some light on the chameleon. Anyone who has appeared on stage is still an actress. You are still an actress and definitely a writer. Have focus and confidence. Take care.

  3. Hello, I finally got round to choosing one of your prints to buy. I really like Self Portrait May II, the one with the crazy hair. I’d like to order that one please. How do I pay for it?

    I noticed the comments above. I read once that David Hockney uses his iphone to paint pictures too. I don’t know if they’re any good though.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  4. have you seen Neil Farkas digital paintings? they are wonderful and may provide some inspiration as you move ahead with your painting. BTW: love the self portraits. Kudos Jenny!

  5. Hi
    Many years ago we were at Bedales – I now live in New Zealand and work as a vet.

    I had never thought of using the Iphone for art – very thought provoking and i can see i will have to have a go !
    I don’t possess a fraction of your talent however….

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