One thought on “Octagonal Flower

  1. Hi Jenny

    You may not remember me from what always seems like an earlier incarnation at Cambridge when you used to come by and have tequila sunrises in my room while you were lighting up the Cambridge stage and some of your family were living over at Mongewell near mine?

    Came across your lovely site by accident and the iPhone pictures are fabulous – my girlfriend Jocasta Shakespeare – who was also at Newnham around same time – is an artist and so been looking at a lot of Internet art with her.

    Quite often come over to Suffolk and was writer in residence at Jason G- Hardy’s lovely Festival a few years back and also done things with Naomi Jaffa when she was running hers at Aldeburgh – your Shakespeare festival sounds interesting – I’ve been reading a great deal about him recently including that wonderful book by James Shapiro 1606, apposite for another plague year – do put me on any circulation list

    And indeed maybe we can meet up sometime if I’m ever over at all or you pass by Oxford as still live in Mongewell area, having come back after various years of roaming, doing my films and books all of which has been fun.

    Do hope all is going well for you


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