There is something utterly absorbing about a plate of beautifully made profiteroles. Especially when you’re on a diet as I am this week… I painted over a recent photo of Freddie and Flora Grant, who both have amazing copper-coloured hair, enjoying a sumptuous plate of choux pastry with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. I like the way that you cannot quite tell which bits are painted and which bits are photograph. Mystery. Not for Sale

Freddie and Flora Grant eating profiteroles

Self Portrait – Big Earrings

The sun came out – time to do another self portrait!

Here I’ve painted over an old photograph again and I’m wearing a pair of large pearly earrings that I bought in Paris and loved so much in the 1980s that I wore them until most of the ‘pearls’ fell off-  then I sewed the remains onto my black leather jacket. (Print)

Jenny C Hall in earrings

Four Lemons : Wallpaper Mark 4

Here’s another sketch of my cat Lemon. I’ve quadrupled it manually (rather than using tiling tools) to make Four Lemons to a wallpaper pattern (for the house). I posted the previous 3 version on Twitter just for fun. It was inspired by Damien Hirst’s butterfly wallpaper. (Print)

Four Lemon Cats