Materia Medica II

Part of an ongoing digital painting called Materia Medica. This is a packet of dried Marigold flowers. (Print)

Marigold was named by Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy, ‘Calendula officinalis’. The flowers can be made into a tea that’s exceptionally good for the eyesight. Quite miraculous. Marigold contains Lutein.

Marigold-Materia Medica

I painted this with Pixelmator on my laptop, using a trackpad as paintbrush. Difficult, but not a painful as painting the Parsley (see below).

Materia Medica – detail

Parsley – Materia Medica. Computer painting. (Print)

I painted it on my laptop computer at the kitchen table while my husband was cooking Spaghetti alle vongole. I had to paint fast as he was going to need quite a bit of parsley to finish off the dish.
Parsley’s volatile oils, particularly Myristicin, have been shown to inhibit tumour formation, especially in the lungs. It’s rich in Vitamins K, C,and A, full of iron and anti-oxidants. One of the magical plants that is so common, you could mistake it for ordinary.

Materia Medica 1

It strains the lower arm muscles to paint using the trackpad like this. You have to click and hold down the cursor with your thumb, and then use the index finger to move the cursor as a paintbrush. Must get an iPad soon…