Gone thinking…

Posted in Painting Diary on October 4, 2016 by Jenny

I’m away for a period of time while I think, conceive, become conceptual…

I will be back…


Posted in Painting Diary on August 27, 2016 by Jenny

I don’t know what inspired this iPad picture but, it centres on the subject of style –  forms of dress as well as forms of address.

Drawings in the summer rain 3

Posted in Painting Diary on July 4, 2016 by Jenny

iPad drawing

I went to see the David Hockney Portraits exhibition at the Royal Academy. I admire how his first principle is to be contemporary, bright flat planes and all post-pop. But it means there’s not as much detail as sometimes one would love to see. Especially with a master colourist like him. I remember his portraits done in crayon- so tenderly, at a gallery in Paris. I’m a massive, massive fan actually. And he once sent me an email with a marvellous picture on it- but long before that I was a fan for life I think.

Drawings in the Summer Rain .2.

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This is another aspect of the same face. I’m thinking facets of the Swinging Sixties. Something like 1965 vintage Chelsea SW3.

London in the Rain

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This is an iPad drawing done on a rainy summer’s day in London…

There are always elements in drawings that come up through the subconscious. I tell myself I must have stand by them even though they might puzzle me. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to understand what I’ve drawn.

Drawing again

Posted in Painting Diary on April 4, 2016 by Jenny

I’ve been gone on Instagram for a while, but here I am back again with a drawing. Ballpoint on paper.


Santa Monica 1970

Posted in Painting Diary on February 7, 2016 by Jenny

This is work in progress -from a group of boys by the beach in California, way back. iPad drawing. I drew this on 31st January – in the ancient Celtic Calandar that’s Imbolc – when Brigid the goddess of fire is recovering from giving birth to a young boy God. That’s a very old way of saying it’s the beginning of Spring.